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Does God have a clue
what it’s like to be you?

Does a God who sees all
does He understand?
Can He imagine the limitations,
the shortsightedness of human life?
As Job once asked: Do You have eyes of flesh?
Are Your days like the days of man?
Can He comprehend such blindness,
to who’s eyes all is clear?

Has God ever lived by faith
and not by sight?

Can a God who is all-knowing
Can He identify with
a being as me – facing uncertainty
trapped in situations
where the outcome is not clear
How does He know
what it is like to not know all

Could the limitless One endure the confines of human life?
Could he bear the ordinary existence of a man?
Is He powerful enough to become so weak?
Is He all-knowing enough to know our doubt?

If life was only neutral,
faith wouldn’t have been so unusual.
But often, the mundane turns to pain
Our uncertainties become frightfully clear:
Here where we live,
there is rejection,
there is shame,
there is injustice.

Does God have any idea
what it is like to be here?

Has the All-powerful One, ever been helpless?
Has the immortal God, ever faced death?
Has this God ever really experienced conflict or confusion?
Has He been tempted?
Does God have any clue,
what it is like to be you/me?

I love your questions, now hear my reply:
I came … and became all that you are
Willingly subjecting myself to every human limitation
I saw with eyes of flesh
Not all was clear, not all was bare
when I became you.
The incarnation is my answer.

He had to grow, he had to learn,
An ordinary man, a carpenter, most of his life
The routine, the frustrations,
the anxieties of daily life, he understands.
Yet, he began to remember, began to see,
discovered a faith, that allowed him to perceive,
the spectacular beyond the visible.

The Word became flesh,
entered our domain of conflict and shame.
Falsely accused, brutally abused
As nails were driven through His flesh,
He even knew even our doubt …
and on our behalf cried out:
My God, my God, Why?
Have you forsaken me?
But then, as God, he answered:
By entering our hell he declares:
I will rather go to hell than forsake you.
Even when you are at your worst
I will not turn my face or despise you
He experienced our torment, ……
felt our pain,
subjected to our injustice
wounded by our violence
assumed even our doubt.
He came in the form of sinful flesh,
exposed Himself in the most vulnerable state,
defined Himself in a human face.

He knows you
He has experienced everything you have experienced, with you
For in Him all things consists …
including you
You were in Him, when He became man … he became you.

Do you have a clue,
how well God knows you.
He invites you to see what He sees,
And to know as you have always been known.
For the moment you become aware of him,
your hell becomes heaven.

He does not save by legal transaction
He does not heal from afar by magic incantations
He heals what He becomes, He saves what He assumes.
He became all that you are
so that you may be all he is.
Our atonement secured by His at-one-ment with us
He embraced us when we were at our worst,
that we might share in His best: resurrection life.

Right now, wherever you might find yourself,
He is with you, He is for you, He loves you
and wants to turn your life into the greatest romantic adventure.
Simply become aware of His closeness.

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12 Responses to Does God have a Clue …?!

  1. Marlene says:

    How, HOW can we EVER have doubts?

  2. Amy Bree says:

    Beautiful. We have a family devotional/meeting time at 8:30 each morning. Can’t wait to share this in a few minutes. Bless you both! :)

  3. Cornelia Schweizer says:

    Andre, you are such a gifted speaker. Thank you so much for reminding me of this beautiful truth. Your words explain it so clearly and stress the point that God knows exactly who I am. Thanks again. Please, when you come to Germany next, would you consider stopping in Paderborn again? Love to Mary-Anne.

    Conny Schweizer

  4. Andriette Badenhorst says:

    Dit is net een stuk goeie nuus. Dit is om te bedink en weer te bedink, maar baie meer as dit,: om dit so te glo/te vat dat ons dit sal begin toepas en LEEF! Baie dankie. Andriette

  5. Rick Aguirre says:

    The Lord has been confirming everything He has been telling me in my meditation time all this week which this articule is part of. Thank you so much for sending it to me.

  6. Bas says:

    Hi Andre, recently I’ve found your site and have been very blessed as I’ve listened to many of your audio series! I’m glad you were also able to make this video. As a missionary I share on Gods love and grace in my teaching ministry as well, and you are an inspiration! I trust what God has shown you will spread far and wide. Greetings from Amsterdam.
    Bas Rijksen (

  7. virginia says:

    thankyou for your words of encouragement,bless you &family best regards virginia

  8. Andre Rabe says:

    Great to connect Bas. We have some amazing friends in the Netherlands – would love to connect them with you. Are you on FB?

  9. Floris & Amanda Kruger says:

    Beloved SON of God, We are situated in Middelburg Mpumalanga SA. The work you are doing is AWESOME & PERFECT. Awesome to find like minded people – thought we are the only ones that reason like this! Please keep up with this kind of speech – it is directly out of God’s mouth for us. I mean, we are so important, He sent Jesus to come and show us who we are! Blessings

  10. CherieChristian says:

    thank you!

  11. Tshebo says:

    Hi Andre
    you have been such a blessing to my journey with God. you have no idea how much the word you speak bring life and hope in me.

  12. Sellappan says:

    Andre & Mary Anne:
    Thanks for all the videos and articles. I have learned a lot from them.
    I am the editor of the magazine called The Plain Truth (
    and I like to seek permission to use your article “Does God have a clue?”.
    Maybe more articles in the future.
    Thanks a lot!

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