A new language that consistently acknowledges the goodness of God in the design and redemption of man. ( …how can you worship God and curse a man made in his image and likeness  … James 3:9)

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3 Responses to Forked Tongue (Audio, Austin Texas)

  1. Michael Hollis says:

    Thank you so, for sharing Christ.Andre when you talk about the mirror, you touched on something that I have thought about a lot. I would ask the Lord where is this mirror that I my look into it and be change into the same image, where can I find it. Paul say that we have this treasure in earthen vessels.This treasure is Christ it say God has shone in or hearts to gave the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus where is this taking place at? in heaven I’m sure it is, but it is going on inside us, off of his face and through us shining out to others, there is light coming out of us and the light has the knowledge of the glory of God and it will reflect a image that when we see it, it will change us into the same image glory to glory.Well where is the mirror? well it’s not just the Bible, it is not just contain in a book, this mirror could be anything his creation, people, things seen, thing unseen, the Holy Spirit, he can open our eyes so we can see the reflection when we gather together
    we reflect Him as the Father and the Son are reflecting each other we are giving out to one other what’s happening inside of us. Well thanks for taking the time to read all that I have writing here you are the first person I have hear talk of the mirror the way you did in this audio. From the beginning. Mike

  2. Andre Rabe says:

    Love it Mike. His whole being is focussed on us … we cannot even say His name without being reminded of our own existence: I AM

  3. Eduard says:

    Hi Andre,

    thanks so much for freely sharing all of this. I have been feasting anonymously for some time now. I praise and thank God for all I am receiving through your ministry.

    I cannot express how ready my heart has been for this.


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